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Do you really need a wedding planner?

After shooting weddings for some time now I have noticed a trend of events that transpire throughout a wedding day. On one hand you have weddings that were assembled with a wedding planner and coordinator, and on the other you have the weddings that were done without a planner. What I have personally seen is that couples tend to be more stressed and weddings tend to be more chaotic and disorganized when they do not hire a planner. This is why I always recommend to my couples to get a wedding planner or at the bare minimum a day of coordinator and here are some reasons why...

  1. The most important reason from my perspective is: Without a planner you WILL be more stressed and your wedding photos will reflect that.

I want you to think back on one of your most favorite pictures. Do you remember the camera it was shot on? How about the lighting conditions? Camera Settings?

How about the way you felt on that day?

I guarantee you remember the way you felt that day. This is precisely my point here, your favorite images have more to do with the feelings attached to them more so than the camera gear, or technical aspects of photography. So to drive this point home, if you are stressed out during your wedding day, you are worrying about managing all of the vendors and are not enjoying yourself, you are gonna look back at you wedding photos and remember how stressed out you were and have negative emotions when looking at your images.

However, if you hire a professional wedding planner, they are there to take the stress of wedding planning, and the stress of the wedding day off of your shoulders! All of the hiccups that occur on a wedding day you will not know about! Isn't that amazing?! Now Imagine having someone there to coordinate with the vendors, and family. Imagine someone being there to manage the wedding day for you. How awesome would that be? I guarantee you will likely be lesss stressed out and when you look back at your wedding photos you can remember the great feelings you had on your big day, as suppose to stress and chaos.

  1. They help keep your budget or even come under your budget.

Wedding planners make several connections with local vendors and can sometimes get you decent prices on items that would cost more otherwise without having a planner. In other words you get your monies worth when hiring a planner, because there is a potential for cost savings by hiring them out.

  1. They do this professionally and this is probably not their first rodeo

Wedding planners have planned and coordinated weddings before, and for most couples this is their first time ever diving in to the wedding world. It is nice to have people on your side who can guide you into making the best decisions for your wedding day. Wedding Planners will get reception floor measurements and can design your entire wedding layout and are the best people to ask about which colors, flower, and table layout combinations look the best. Planners are excellent at executing your vision for your wedding day because they do this every day!

I hope some of these reasons are convincing enough for you to consider hiring a planner to take the stress of the wedding day off of your shoulders.

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