Attending a Bridal Show

Bridal shows are a great way to meet engaged couples who would possibly be interested in hiring you as a photographer for their wedding. Additionally attending a wedding expo also allows you to network with other vendors in the area. Attending your first show can be daunting at first, believe me I was nervous my first time. However just be yourself, as that is the best way to attract your ideal couples.

Some things to bring to your shows:

1.Prints of your best images only

Its okay if you only have a few images to display. The important thing is not to go over board and try to display as many images as possible. My recommendation is to limit your photos to only best images. even if that means only having 5 images on display.

2. Have pricing brochures available.

I got my trifold pricing brochure made from Vistaprint.

3. Business cards

I got my business cards printed from MOO. High quality cards bound to leave an impression

4. Wedding albums

While its not necessary, I display my wedding albums as it helps break the ice with my couples.

5. You possibly might need to bring your own table and tablecloths.

Check with the person in charge of the expo to see if you need to be providing your own table and cloths. If you do need to provide your own supplies then I would recommend going to your local party city store as you can find cheap good looking table cloths there.

6. Decorations

What I do to fill in the empty space in my table is to get floral arraignments to fill in the rest of my table and is nothing over the top to finish off my table.


I typically am giving away a engagement shoot during these bridal shows. I use the index cards to collect bride information, to put into a raffle. You can also follow up with the remaining brides after the show.

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For more in depth advice for attending a bridal show you can watch my video below talking about this subject.