About Me

I was first introduced to photography back in high school. Where I learned the basics of photography and film development. I was with yearbook club and shot pictures of my friends to put into our annual. When I started college, photography fell to the back burner, but once I got my degree I found my passion for photography once again. It started with taking pictures of my wife and kids, and then my friends, and my passion grew and grew into where I currently am today. I started shooting weddings, quinces, family photos, portraits etc. After sometime of doing photography nothing has really lit the fire in me like weddings do. There is just something about it I cannot explain. Every wedding I do, I try and top the previous one. For me photography is more than just pressing a button on a camera. It is an artform as unique as the people in the images. It is a way for me to document individuals through my eyes...through my camera lens.